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Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Accounting Function

Interesting yet problematic business challenge for Technocrats and Business Owners. Simple Outsource the Accounting Function. Concentrate on your businesses, We got you covered!

Right from Accounting and Internal Control Setups to day to day book-keeping and managing your overall finances for you, we do it all!

Personal visit
Personal visit

Onsite and offsite visiting at different intervals
Monthly fortnightly, weekly or more.

Online based book keeping
Online based book keeping

You can send doce by email on weekly or monthly.
We will process it and submit reports on a regular basis

Any Company be it a start-up or a Small Company or a Large Multinational group faces the dual challenges of growing and managing their businesses and controlling costs. Accounting is time consuming activity and a special dedicated team is necessary for managing the costs. It is also a speciality trade. This is where we can help.

With the best accounting practices in the industry and with personnel with adequate competency and knowledge, we ensure that your headaches in relation to accounting function are taken care of!

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting to Actnow

  • Effective accounting practices
  • Accurate accounting rule maintenance
  • Qualitative reporting with clear timelines to help efficient decision making .
  • Compliance of applicable Accounting Standards
  • Cost effectiveness in the long run
  • East book-keeping to help during taxation season
  • Enhanced ROI for Start-ups and SME's without employing a full time accounting team.
Secure. Precise. Accounting Process is Seamless at Actnow


Accounting Process
Take your pick. We can customize our report delivery based on your requirement and needs.


Weekly Reports

  • Open Invoices
  • Unpaid Vendors List
  • Age wise List for Customers
  • Pay stubs

Monthly Reports

  • YTD Income Statements
  • YTD Balance Sheet
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation Statement
  • Forecasts(Customer Specification)

Yearly Reports

  • Trial Balances
  • Financial Statements
  • Finalization Report
  • Back Up File

We help you to unlock & unleash the power within.